Services offered:

Dental equipment
  • Consultation

  • Scaling

  • Scaling and brushing of dental arch

  • Light cured resin composites filling

  • Glass ionomer filling

  • Pointlike caries

  • Coronary reconstruction with light cured resin composites

  • Coronary reconstruction of glass ionomer cement

  • Sealing fissura with liquid light cured resin composites

  • Tooth extraction

  • Crown- root device

  • Metalic-acrylic crown

  • Metalic crown with composit veneer

  • Metalic- ceramic crown

  • Metalic crown

  • Complete denture

  • Treatment of sensistive teeth (dental hyperesthesia)

  • Gangrene treatment monoradicular tooth filling

  • Gangrene treatment + pluriradicular tooth filling

  • Vital/devital extraction + monoradicular tooth filling

  • Vital/devital extraction+ pluriradicular tooth filling

  • Medication dressing

  • Crown removal

  • Indirect capping

  • Direct capping

  • Acrylic temporary crown

  • Root pin

  • Root resection

  • Whitening of devitalized teeth

  • Dental jewelry

  • Premanufactured post

  • Dental implant

The Fazakas Dental Dentistry Office is equipped with modern, last generation equipment with the help of which it can have a high quality activity, with satisfied clients.

The office is equipped with dental unit, surgical kit, dental implant equipment, and after implementation of the "PURCHASE OF NEW EQUIPMENT IN ORDER TO DIVERSIFY THE DENTAL CARE ACTIVITY IN PRAID, HARGHITA COUNTY" project financed in the National Rural Development Program purchased last generation modern equipment such as:


1. Endo station with incorporated apex locator

2. Endodontal microengine

3. B class autoclave

4. Sealing device

5. Automatic filter system with reversed osmosis

6. UV whitening lamp

7. Optical fibre turbine

8. Turbine hitch

9. Ultrasound bath

10. Device for determining the colour of teeth

11. Photopolymerization lamp

12. Laser with integrated soft


The project financed from European non refundable funds offered the inhabitants of Praid a diversification of the medical services by setting up a dentistry office, allowing complex services and complete dentistry services, which were not present on the local market.

”If you would like more smiles, smile more” (Sandy Foster)